A Year With Celica Blue

Just one year ago in a land far away, two Russian Blue kittens were born. Little did their mom (human and feline) know that one of them would travel 5,000 miles to live in her new home.

Celica Blue

November 2014

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Book Review: ‘Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much’

We cat people are sponges for information. Chances are you have a pile of books by your bedside, websites bookmarked on your computer, and scour the Internet for information the second your cat sneezes. Or call 911 when your cat has a hairball.

It’s all serious stuff. Enough to give the most caring cat lover information overload. Read more of this post

Wordless Wednesday

Celica Blue – 10 months old

Celica Blue – 10 months old

Wordless Wednesday

Katzenburg's Tekla of Dvinskaja

Katzenburg’s Tekla of Dvinskaja

Gato-Gatito.es and Chatminou.fr stole my content

I’m posting this as an experiment more than anything.

A Spanish website – http://www.gato-gatito.es/ – and a French website – http://www.chatminou.fr/– have stolen a huge amount of material from ExclusivelyCats. They’ve also pilfered posts from Ingrid King’s site, The Conscious Cat. There is no attribution, no links to the original sites. Read more of this post

Product Review: The Vertical Cat’s Sisal Scratcher

Vertical Cat

Mollie relaxes on The Vertical Cat’s 36-inch scratcher.

Note: From time to time I receive swell products to review and report my observations (and those of the felines) objectively. I received no compensation for evaluating The Vertical Cat’s scratcher.

The Vertical Cat is one of the first companies to create a gold standard for catification success. With its wall-hung units and cubbies, a multitude of configurations can be created for the ultimate cat super-highway. Read more of this post

Wordless Wednesday

 LV* Fantasy RUSsia Celica Blue

LV* Fantasy RUSsia Celica Blue



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