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I’m posting this as an experiment more than anything.

A Spanish website – – and a French website –– have stolen a huge amount of material from ExclusivelyCats. They’ve also pilfered posts from Ingrid King’s site, The Conscious Cat. There is no attribution, no links to the original sites. Read more of this post

Product Review: The Vertical Cat’s Sisal Scratcher

Vertical Cat

Mollie relaxes on The Vertical Cat’s 36-inch scratcher.

Note: From time to time I receive swell products to review and report my observations (and those of the felines) objectively. I received no compensation for evaluating The Vertical Cat’s scratcher.

The Vertical Cat is one of the first companies to create a gold standard for catification success. With its wall-hung units and cubbies, a multitude of configurations can be created for the ultimate cat super-highway. Read more of this post

Wordless Wednesday

 LV* Fantasy RUSsia Celica Blue

LV* Fantasy RUSsia Celica Blue


From Russia With Love: Part 2

Celica Blue at about 6 weeks.

Celica Blue at about 6 weeks.

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time. The board noted that the plane was on schedule and going through the normal de-planing process. We cruised the food court and got something to eat – I ate a half a wrap, ham with Swiss cheese.

The arrivals were in one general area, so it wouldn’t be hard to miss them as they came through. We chatted with a cute young guy who was waiting for his Russian fiancé; they hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half. Turns out he was a native of Cuba and worked for a printer in Virginia.

I wonder if anyone noticed that I was ready to jump out of my skin and that my eyes were spinning around in my head. Read more of this post

From Russia With Love: Part 1

I’ve had a love affair with Russian Blue cats since 1987, when I got my very first kitten.

Seven Russian Blues later and fueled by an amazing international Russian Blue Facebook community, I again felt the kitten siren call. I tried to ignore it, reasoning that there are so many cats in my own backyard that need homes. However, once you’ve been owned by a Russian Blue cat, there’s no going back.

Tekla, now 11, was bred by Ingeborg Urcia.

Tekla, now 11, was bred by Ingeborg Urcia.

Tekla, now my sole Russian Blue, was 11 years old. She was from the breeder who wrote the book on Russian Blues, Ingeborg Urcia. My Facebook friends on the other side of the world were posting photos of their kittens and cats, and I started making inquiries. I put aside a chunk of my freelance income without any particular plan of action, but in the back of my mind I was preparing myself. Read more of this post

Sports Car Leads to Cat Colony Shift

A local community cat colony is settling into its new digs.

A local community cat colony is settling into its new digs.

A version of this article appeared in the Branford Eagle, the online newspaper for Branford, Connecticut.

A single disgruntled tenant has led to the relocation of a colony of feral cats in the Lake Saltonstall area of Branford.
As we’ve reported before, the colony of feral cats adjacent to a commercial complex has been lovingly cared for by members of the Branford Compassion Club (BCC) for more than four years. But the large semi-circle of hay-filled huts was missing during a recent drive-by, and only a single orange cat could be seen. Read more of this post

Vaccine Conundrum

feline vaccination, feline dentals

You’re gonna do what to me?

Mollie needed a dental and I finally made the appointment. My cats are minimally vaccinated and my vets have respected my wishes.

However, I was told that she needed a rabies vaccine due to the fact that “saliva and fluids” were involved. I asked to double-check with the vet who has seen her most frequently and he confirmed that she needed the shot. It’s also legally required by the state and I’d been able to slip by until now.

I did some scrambling, knowing that I wanted a couple of days before the dental procedure to see if there was any reaction to the vaccine. I knew I wanted the Merial Purevax Non-adjuvanted, but that it’s only good for one year; Connecticut has a three-year rabies requirement. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We did have a discussion about the process and the vet acknowledged that the frequency is driven by the pharmaceutical companies; he agreed that the duration of the vaccine is probably longer than what’s recommended. He did say that Merial now has a three-year Purevax rabies vaccine, but it’s three times the cost. He did his best to assure me that side effects were few and far between. Read more of this post


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