Celica Blue and Lymphoma: The Journey Begins


This is the hardest post I’ve had to write. Celica Blue, the love of my life, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

It started Monday, June 20, when she threw up her breakfast. She was rather lethargic during the day, then she experienced pain when her tummy was palpated, and refused dinner. Read more of this post


Happy Birthday, Tekla

Tekla is 8 years old today. Her registered name is Katzenburg’s Tekla of Dvinskaja, which tells more about her noble origins.

Ingeborg Urcia would be proud of Tekla.

Tekla is the last of the kitties from a distinguished cattery. Ingeborg Urcia literally wrote the book on Russian Blues. Coincidentally, I discovered her book, “This is the Russian Blue,” at the same time I got my first Russian Blue, Ashley – Nordic Lara Ashley of Dvinskaja – almost 25 years ago.

A casual comment to my husband – Someday, I’d like a gray kitty, a Russian Blue – led to a love affair with the breed that continues today. I probably would have been happy with a nice gray kitty, but he searched out a “real” Russian Blue for me.

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