Sally and Tekla (Photo by Mary Johnson)

Cat expert Sally E. Bahner has more than 30 years experience as a writer and editor and has spent the last 15 years specializing in feline-related issues, specifically nutrition, holistic care and multiple cat behaviors. More recently she has offered services as a feline behavior and care consultant and speaker. As “Dear Sally” she is the resident behavior expert on Tracie Hotchner’s Cat Chat on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Martha Stewart Living Channel. She is a regular contributor to the online newspaper, the Branford Eagle. In addition, she was the cat expert and a regular contributor for Pets Press, a Connecticut-based pet newspaper. The founding editor-in-chief of The Whole Cat Journal, Sally has contributed to Feline Wellness, Catnip, and Catwatch. She has been a columnist for several newspapers along the Connecticut shoreline since 1997. She is an award-winning member of the Cat Writers’ Association and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

She can be reached at sebahner@snet.net.


8 Responses to About

  1. Paul Streeto says:

    Hi Sally! Not sure you’ll remember me from HES days – but I ran across this blog looking for info on getting a Savanah cat and then what a surprise recognizing you! I had to say hello.
    So, since I’ve got your ear, what are your comments on Savanah cats — I’m thinking F3. Would LOVE to hear from you.
    Paul Streeto

  2. Rob Ryan says:

    Hi Sally,

    Want to reconnect with you – met you back in the Belvior days.

    I have a new very exciting startup called vetDVM – with an iPhone and iPad app and soon Blackberry.

    * Connect with me on linkedin.com too! http://www.linkedin.com/in/robryans

    Rob Ryan

  3. Hello,

    I came across your blog network and I think it would be a great addition to the DogTime Media blog network. Currently our blog network has over 530+ bloggers all dedicated to writing about animals – mostly cats and dogs. It’s free to join our blog network. All I need is your RSS feed and I’ll set it live in our system and to make it official I’ll send you a DogTime blogstar badge to place on your site. It would be great to have your blog in our network, please let me know if you have any questions. If you’re interested in joining, please contact me at christina@dogtimemedia.com


    Christina Kwan
    Senior Product & Marketing Manager
    DogTime Media, Inc
    415-830-9323 (office)
    415-956-3013 (fax)

  4. Carol M says:

    Hey Sally! Great seeing this blog. Fellow RB lovers unite! Do you know about the Cat Blogosphere? Great community of blogging cats and their people- LOL! Hope to see more on your blog. Drop by the cat Blogosphere when you have time.

    Carol M
    Krasota Russians

  5. danbacana says:

    Quite surprised there’s a WordPress blog exclusively for cats. Haha. Thought you’d like to see this clowder: http://makkosadventures.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/animals-of-the-cordillera-a-clowder-in-alfonso-lista-ifugao/ 😀

  6. catnipsfelineadvicepage says:

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work. I am new to wordpress and have just started a blog on cats myself. Please take a look and follow if you like 😉 : http://catnipsfelineadvicepage.wordpress.com/

  7. Sharn says:

    Hi Sally,

    Loved reading your blog. I was wondering if you would like to check out my cat lovers app Swipurr Cat Gallery? (swipurr.com)

    We are building a community centered around sharing and captioning cat photos with other cat lovers.

    Hope to hear back from you soon 🙂


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