Welcome Stormy. And Good bye.


Stormy in her new home.

After I lost Celica Blue, I was ambivalent about adopting another cat. Losing her had taken the stuffing out of me, emotionally and financially. We love all our cats, but there are those who wind themselves around your heartstrings; Celica Blue was one of those cats.

So, I wasn’t really looking for another kitty when I stopped by Branford Compassion Club in early March. However, Krista, one of the volunteers, whispered in my ear and said, “There’s a gray kitty over here.” Read more of this post


Branford Compassion Club Turns 20!


Pat Cotton and Boots

Twenty years after its founding by Eunice Lasala, Friskie Wheeler, and Ann Marie Lorello, the Branford Compassion Club has grown from a group of dedicated volunteers feeding feral colonies to a full service brick and mortar adoption facility.

That facility, officially the Branford Compassion Club Feline Rescue and Adoption Center, now has a full-time shelter manager, Pat Cotton, who oversees the daily care and vetting of all the felines who set paws through the doors. Since opening more than six years ago, close to 1,500 felines have found their forever homes, and approximately 2,000 total since 2008. Cotton is backed up by a team of 50 to 60 volunteers who cover all shifts within the shelter. Another 30 or so help with non-shelter related work such as publicity and fundraising.

Read the whole story here.

Welcome, Mollie

We are anxiously awaiting the addition of Mollie, a little black and white bundle of joy. We lost two members of our feline family within the last few months — Hemmie in November and Coco in February, so now it is time to fill the hole in our hearts. Actually she will be Paul’s girl, not a replacement for Hemmie, who was his special kitty, but someone to help with the healing process.

She will be adopted from the East Haven Animal Shelter. We must wait for her to be spayed, seems like it’s taking a

Mollie and Daddy.

long time for her to reach that 2-pound goal.

We hope the others will accept her. She’s used to being around other cats and our cats have always lived with several others. Since they are 15, 9 and 6, it was time to add to the herd. We expect her to have a long, healthy life with us!

Note that the black splash across her nose looks like a kitty!

Molly will join us soon.

Mollie will join us soon.

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