Welcome Stormy. And Good bye.


Stormy in her new home.

After I lost Celica Blue, I was ambivalent about adopting another cat. Losing her had taken the stuffing out of me, emotionally and financially. We love all our cats, but there are those who wind themselves around your heartstrings; Celica Blue was one of those cats.

So, I wasn’t really looking for another kitty when I stopped by Branford Compassion Club in early March. However, Krista, one of the volunteers, whispered in my ear and said, “There’s a gray kitty over here.” Read more of this post


Wordless Wednesday

Tekla at 12 1/2.

Tekla at 12 1/2.

Dusty is 17!

Such a handsome boy and a lover to boot!

Hard to believe, but Dusty is 17 today. He and his bridge sister Coco joined us when they were a year old. A friend had adopted them for her kids and I tried to coach her through cat care, but she just wasn’t a cat person: the kitties weren’t allowed on the beds or in the window sills and she kept them in the rec room downstairs. Then she got upset because they messing with her mini-blinds (which she kept closed) and her dried flower arrangements. Read more of this post

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