Celica Blue and Lymphoma: Her Oncology Team



We’ve been shuttling back and forth to Central Hospital a couple of times a month since June 20 when a late-night emergency visit led to Celica Blue’s lymphoma diagnosis.

We’ve got it down to a science. Well, it’s science that’s saving her life right now. Read more of this post


Celica Blue and Lymphoma: Round 3

Keeping me company in the home office.

Keeping me company in the home office.

Is it possible that a cat with a normal appetite and energy level, and blood work all in normal values is sick?

Celica Blue has been diagnosed with lymphoma, a common, but nasty blood cancer, but the only time she showed signs of illness were the symptoms – a single vomiting episode, lethargy, and abdominal pain – that sent us to the ER that fateful Monday evening almost a month ago. Radiographs, needle aspirate, and ultrasound confirmed that the mass in her abdomen was lymphoma. Read more of this post

Celica Blue and Lymphoma: Two Weeks In


Two weeks ago today we discovered Celica Blue has lymphoma, a disease totally unexpected in such a young cat.

Since then, living with the disease has become the new normal. Read more of this post

Vet check assuages guilt

I admit it. I’m a procrastinator. But I also have issues with money and was burned by the Recession. There was a load of household expenses and car repairs, adding to recuperation from bouts of unemployment.

So when I kept reading about cat owners being less likely to take their cats for regular check-ups, I raised my hand in guilt. But, I reasoned, I keep a sharp eye on them, feed them a high quality diet, maul them regularly in search of lumps or bumps, and keep them securely inside.

However the time had come. I bit the bullet and made an appointment for all three, stuffed them into their carriers, and made the three trips down to the car. Read more of this post

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