When was your cat’s last checkup?



Mollie had her checkup in June. She’s maintained the same weight for several years and her bloodwork is normal for a “senior” cat. (Hard to believe at 8 years old, she’s considered a senior cat.) Her teeth have always been so-so; she had a dental last year and this year her teeth were deemed “mediocre.” Read more of this post


Celica Blue and Lymphoma: The Journey Ends

Celica Blue

Celica Blue on Dec. 13, 2016

On Dec. 22, 2016, exactly six months after she was diagnosed, Celica Blue lost her battle with lymphoma. It’s taken me more than two months to finish her story.

She was the love of my life and brought the most incredible amount of joy in the two short years she was with us. Read more of this post

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