Jackson Galaxy: Decoding Cat Behavior

Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" is now in its fifth season.

Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell” is now in its fifth season.

If you’re like many of us, Saturday nights are spent with Jackson Galaxy as he works his magic with problematic cats. In his annals of cat behavior, our own tiny tigers look like cream puffs.

Several episodes into the fifth season of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” we caught up with him. He’d been shuttling between California and San Antonio and took part in the HSUS Animal Care Expo in Florida. He was the keynote speaker there, describing the experience as a privilege … “standing up in front of rescue and shelter professionals to tell them we’ve in a better place.” He said that fewer cats are dying. “It never gets old… seeing a difference, seeing that pay-off is an incredible gift.”

He confirmed it’s the best thing to come out of four-plus seasons of doing the show.

The challenge this season is seen in cat behavior cases that have crossed from the emotional to the physical. Read more of this post


More thoughts on Lux

Lux is a prime example of how easily cats can be misuderstood.

Lux is a prime example of how easily cats can be misunderstood.

The saga of Lux, the cat who held his people hostage in their bedroom and forced them to call 911, has been plastered all over the news world wide. It’s been analyzed ad infinitum, as cat experts are collectively rolling their eyes and wringing their hands.

While we can point out what caused the cat to react dramatically – the 7-month-old baby pulled his tail and Lee Palmer, the father, kicked the cat in a knee-jerk reaction – the family is/was woefully lacking in understanding feline dynamics – like many households that adopt a cute fluffy cat, subject it to all sorts of chaos, then wonder why it acts up. Read more of this post

He’s Back! Jackson Galaxy Returns for 4th Season

The fourth season of "My Cat From Hell" starts April 6.

The fourth season of “My Cat From Hell” starts April 6.

His magical touch with ferocious felines in his television series, “My Cat From Hell,” and the candidness found in his book “Cat Daddy” have endeared Jackson Galaxy to cat lovers everywhere.

On Saturday night, cat lovers around the country will turn off their phone, grab a glass of wine, snuggle up with their favorite feline, and tune into the fourth season of the wildly popular show.

What began as a three-part mini-series on Animal Planet has grown from three episodes, to six, then 10 and now 17. This season will include some 32 cases of problematic felines that drive their caregivers to total distraction. Read more of this post

Catching up with Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy will be on Twitter and Facebook during the premiere of the third season of “My Cat From Hell” June 30.

When you interview Jackson Galaxy, you never quite know the direction it will take. Cats and cat behavior, of course, his new book, cars… it’s really like a conversation with a friend.

The fame he is now experiencing can be described as serendipitous. Who, including Jackson himself, would have expected an imposing-looking, tattooed guy to calm ferocious felines with the blink of an eye and gain legions of fans in the process?

Read more of this post

Tune in Jan. 7 for Jackson Galaxy Redux

Fans can't wait for Jackson Galaxy's second season of "My Cat From Hell."

Fans of Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell have been waiting with baited breath for the return of the series. The three-part miniseries aired last year and was renewed, thanks, in part, to viewer demand.

The new series of six episodes featuring the feline trials and tribulations of 12 families, each with a unique set of issues, is set to debut on Jan. 7 on Animal Planet. Read more of this post

Paws down for Animal Planet’s latest cat-related offering

Animal Planet has just aired another new cat-related show, but we’re not happy about this one.

Titled “Help, I’m Becoming a Cat Lady,” the show follows Gina, a 30-something cat-loving woman, as she is coached into the proper way to ingratiate herself to a man. Read more of this post

Shows aimed at cat lovers entertain, educate

While Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell has been generating a whole lot of buzz among cat lovers, a few other shows have been devoted exclusively to cats. Dogs are still ahead of cats in the race for pet television viewers. Read more of this post

Jackson Galaxy creates his own planet of admirers

Note: This article was scheduled to be published in Connecticut-based Pets Press newspaper. Unfortunately, efforts to relaunch the paper, last published in January 2010, have failed.

Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" has been picked up by Animal Planet for additional epidsodes.

My Cat From Hell is the latest entry in the kitty TV sweepstakes, and the one that’s not afraid to tackle tough problems. Aired on Animal Planet, it’s generating the most buzz among cat professionals and those who are simply cat-centric.

Jackson Galaxy is a tattooed, tough-looking guy; he’s got piercings and a goatee. And occasionally wears a shirt that says “Cat Daddy.” Clients (who were selected by open audition, Galaxy says) on the three shows aired thus far are quick to remark that he’s not what they expected when he walks in with his tricks of the trade stashed in a guitar case – he moonlights as a musician. We spoke to him at length by phone from Los Angeles. He is not one to minced words about himself and his chosen profession. Read more of this post

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