Celica Blue and Lymphoma: Her Oncology Team



We’ve been shuttling back and forth to Central Hospital a couple of times a month since June 20 when a late-night emergency visit led to Celica Blue’s lymphoma diagnosis.

We’ve got it down to a science. Well, it’s science that’s saving her life right now.We check in at the front desk and wait for a few minutes until Tara comes out to greet us. We go into the exam room to chat about how Celica Blue is doing before she is weighed then whisked away for her blood draw. Her white blood cell count determines whether she receives chemo. Depending on which chemo she receives, she may be sedated.

Dr. Gina Olmsted returns with her and we discuss the updated information. She is very thorough in presenting the information, but realistic and not falsely optimistic. She has been pleased at the quick reduction of the mass and Celica Blue’s clinically normal response.


Dr. Gina Olmsted

This week she received Cyclophosamide; previously she’s gotten Vincristine (three rounds), Doxorubicin (two rounds, which requires light sedation due to a longer infusion), another of Cyclophosamide, plus daily doses of prednisolone and Vitamin B12 infusions at the chemo treatments.

The treatments, except for the Doxorubicin, don’t take long and soon she is returned to me. She gets kisses and a couple of treats to make up for missing breakfast.

She jumps out of the carrier once we’re home, shaking her leg with the bandage. She chatters a bit, giving us a piece of her mind about the day’s experience. Of course, she gets her late breakfast.

gina2A “restaging” was done Sept. 15 after the initial six rounds of chemo. The original size of the mass was 6.2×5.6×4.5 cm and was now 1.2 cm, about the size of a quarter. There was also a lesion on her right kidney, which was resolved. However, there was a little thickening of the cecum, a pouch connected to the junction of the small and large intestines. We had discussed radiation earlier, but Dr. Olmsted recommended another six rounds of chemo, then another ultrasound to see where we stand.

On Sept. 19, I had a phone consultation with Dr. Stephen Tobin, a holistic veterinarian I know from my Whole Cat Journal days. He had received 99 pages of information from Central Hospital and was surprised that a cat as young as Celica Blue had been diagnosed with lymphoma. We discussed possible causes and her diet, which he approved of, and he suggested increasing the krill oil and Vitamin D. In terms of other supplements we settled on a mushrooms extract (I found one that included the four he recommended, plus one) and colostrum, which I ordered from Amazon.

I’ve been adding the colostrum to everyone’s food since it can’t harm them. I’ve reused a number 3 capsule from one of the food supplements for the mushrooms and was able to pop it down Celica Blue’s throat without too much difficulty. (Good girl!)

Dr. Olmsted recommended that I not give Celica Blue antioxidants (the krill oil) the day before, day of, and day after chemo, so I need to make that adjustment in the batches of food I make just before her treatment.

I just added up the cost thus far – $7,734. It’s mind boggling, all for a small cat. Too many people would be unable to come up with amount of money. We’re lucky thus far, thanks to the YouCaring.com fundraiser set up by Laurie Goldstein, a bit of a cushion we had, and a virgin credit card. If you haven’t given, or could possibly spare a few extra dollars it would be appreciated more than you know.

Celica Blue is an exquisite little girl. Every so often a cat comes into your life that’s completely magical and she is one of them. I believe her team thinks so, too.


Allyson, Dr. Gina, and Tara.

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2 Responses to Celica Blue and Lymphoma: Her Oncology Team

  1. Bernadette says:

    I’m thrilled this is the outcome so far. I haven’t caught each post about her but I just caught up. She’s young I’m glad you could do this for her.

  2. amyshojai says:

    So glad she’s doing this well…thinking of y’all often and keeping you in my prayers.

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