A Year With Celica Blue

Just one year ago in a land far away, two Russian Blue kittens were born. Little did their moms (human and feline) know that one of them would travel 5,000 miles to live in her new home.

Celica Blue

November 2014

Meanwhile, halfway across the world, a woman in the US was looking at Facebook posts. She had been longing for a Russian Blue kitten. A couple of inquiries had fallen through. Then one day a photograph appeared and her heart stood still. Celica Blue was three months old and ready for a new home. The breeder, who was from Kaliningrad, Russia, said she was “amazing.” Her sister, Cherry Sweet, quickly went to her new home, right in Kaliningrad.

Thus began an exchange of information about Celica Blue and a flurry of messages trying to figure things out. Neither woman had shipped or acquired a kitten from such a distance. The details involved were worthy of diplomatic negotiations: The price of the kitten (specifying that she would be sterilized, which was not a problem); finding someone to handle the transport from Russia to the US at a reasonable cost; determining the schedule that was doable for all three people; arranging the transfer of funds (explain that to your local banker); making arrangements to pick up the kitten at the airport.

Then one day Celica Blue was put into a carrier and carried onto an airplane for flight to Moscow. She was confused because her human mom was crying as she handed Celica Blue over to a strange person. A day later, there was another plane trip. This one was very long and she calmed down enough to sleep most of the trip. But once the plane stopped, she became anxious and started moving around in the carrier.

Before long she was being carried into the terminal, where there were a lot of people and a lot of noise. The carrier was put down on a table and Celica Blue was lifted out by a blonde lady in a black coat. She was petted and kissed and talked to in a loving voice. Even though Celica Blue could not understand what was being said, she could feel the love and began to relax a bit.




First photo!

There was much talking back and forth, then she was placed in another carrier. More people were talking to her as she was placed in a car this time.

Well, at least the carrier didn’t have to stay closed. She was petted and cuddled as she looked around. The car was moving but she felt safe. She even felt relaxed enough to play with a catnip toy!

Celica Blue

On the way home.

It was hard to stay still. There was so much to look at!

More time passed and the car stopped. Then she was put in another car, but this was a short trip. Up some stairs and into a big room. It smelled a little familiar – like other cats. Ah, yes. A litter box.

Yes, there were other cats, one that looked liked the cats from her old home and another that looked different. They looked at her curiously but kept their distance.

A tall man soon arrived and there were more hugs and kisses. Soon Celica Blue began to realize that there were no more long plane rides or car rides. She realized that this was where she would be living and these people would be taking care of her, and that the other kitties, Tekla and Mollie, would be her new kitty friends.

She learned the house quickly – the desk and the big windows, when meals were served, the nightly ritual that required sleeping under the covers.

Celica Blue

Day 2

There were lots of comfy beds to snooze in.

ComfyBedCelica Blue grew quickly. She learned the routine of her new people and all the special sleeping spots.

Almost 5 months old.

Almost 5 months old.

The winter was cold and her people joked that she brought the Russian winter with her. She didn’t mind as long as she could burrow under the covers where it was nice and warm. Or bask in the sunshine of the big windows.


Celica Blue-7 months old.

Tekla and Mollie were quick to teach her the ropes. They made it clear that they had seniority although they accepted her as part of the family.


There was an occasional outing…

OutingWhere she met new friends…

JeffreyAnd there was the occasional excursion outside…

Celica-Jacket2But for the most part, Celica Blue was living a typical catly life. She played with her toys, indulged in games of chase with Tekla and Mollie, watched the birds through the big windows, and received lots of pets and kisses from her people.


Celica Blue – 11 months old

She had become an American cat, living in an American household. However, at least once a day, she is told, “We can’t believe you came all the way from Russia!”


One Year Old. Kitty kisses to you Celica Blue.

Happy Birthday, Celica Blue! Keep smiling that Russian Blue smile!


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Sally Bahner is an expert in all aspects of cat care: Writer, consultant, speaker, instructor.

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  1. OMG these cats are beautiful! Have you seen the Britsh Blue they are stunning… although we love all cats here 🙂

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