Book Review: ‘Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much’

We cat people are sponges for information. Chances are you have a pile of books by your bedside, websites bookmarked on your computer, and scour the Internet for information the second your cat sneezes. Or call 911 when your cat has a hairball.

It’s all serious stuff. Enough to give the most caring cat lover information overload.

So give yourself a break. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up, snag a kitty for your lap, and peruse the little book, “Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much,” by Allia Zobel Nolan with illustrations by Nicole Hollander.

It’s a reprise of Zobel Nolan’s and Hollander’s 1997 book, “Women Who Love Cats Too Much,” updated to accommodate your cat’s iPhone, iPad, and Google Glass.

Although it’s obviously a humorous take on the relationships between women and their cats (and their significant others and friends), you’ll find yourself second-guessing your behavior toward your feline.

Some are not too far from the truth:

  • You feel guilty for weeks after taking a business trip.
  • Your BFF refuses to be seen with you unless you stop wearing “tacky cat jewelry.”
  • You ask your client if you can have some of his blackened tuna for your cat.
  • You allow her to chew on your toothbrush because she enjoys it and … well, just because.

Others are undoubtedly outrageous:

  • You quit your high-paying job at a top IT corporation because your boss wouldn’t give your puddies a corner office.
  • You pace the floor, popping tranquilizers, when your cat goes out with his friends and forgets to text.
  • You give your cat your stun gun and pepper spray when he goes out at night.
  • You get passed over for a promotion because you test positive for catnip.

These tidbits are all under more general headings such as: You know your cat is putting a chink in your career; You know you’re putty in your puddy’s hands (but you don’t care) when…; You know your cats are wreaking havoc with your love life when…

The illustrations by Hollander are an obvious complement to Zobel Nolan’s witticisms. The cats appear to be rolling their eyes at the overindulgence of their over-the-top owners (a couple of whom could pass for Zobel Nolan herself). They have expressions that I’m sure match my own cats’ when I lavish them with affection.

Zobel Nolan herself admits she’s a woman who still loves cats too much, to the point where she says she went to a 12-step program, where she got recommendations for kitty massage therapists.

This book is for anyone who worries about over-indulging their cats. You’ll be assured that you’re not there – yet.

“Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much,” published by HCI, is available for pre-order from Amazon and is due out Sept. 29


About ExclusivelyCats
Sally Bahner is an expert in all aspects of cat care: Writer, consultant, speaker, instructor.

2 Responses to Book Review: ‘Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much’

  1. Anita Kelsey says:

    Great article. Really sells the book. I shall be buying after reading this review!

  2. I absolutely loved that book and reviewed it as well! It was hilarious!

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