and stole my content

I’m posting this as an experiment more than anything.

A Spanish website – – and a French website –– have stolen a huge amount of material from ExclusivelyCats. They’ve also pilfered posts from Ingrid King’s site, The Conscious Cat. There is no attribution, no links to the original sites.

While we’ve both filed copyright complaints with the host and server, the sites are still up as of March 6. And as quickly an article is posted, they steal it. My Vertical Cat product review appeared on the sites as soon as it was posted here. There’s probably some automated way of sucking our posts into their website.

Ingrid has heard back from the server/host; apparently they’re looking into the problem. I’ve heard nothing.

So, I’m curious if they’ll suck this article accusing them of stealing material from ExclusivelyCats and post it on their sites.

Gato Gatito and Chat Minou: You are stealing my material. This is your notice to stop.

Update: Yep. They indeed stole even this post. I was told that they must have an automatic feed that sucks my article into their sites. I filed a second complaint against the host/server. We’ll see what happens.



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Sally Bahner is an expert in all aspects of cat care: Writer, consultant, speaker, instructor.

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