Pet Food Recall Redux

Multiple brands of kibble made by Diamond are being recalled due to salmonella.

So you think all the hand wringing about salmonella has to do with raw pet food?


A massive – and growing – recall is under way by Diamond Pet Foods. It’s not just confined to Diamond but to a whole list of well-known foods under Diamond’s umbrella that are probably in the cupboards of many pet parents. The foods were all manufactured in its South Carolina plant.

According to Food Safety News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 14 people in nine states have been diagnosed with Salmonella, likely caused by handling the pet food. It’s not clear whether dogs have become sick from the food.

Susan Thixton  of the Truth About Pet Food has published a series of articles over the past few days as each recall has been issued. Recently she has been going head to head with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and pet food manufacturers over various concerns. Always rattling their collective cages, Thixton has been questioning the lack of action regarding the jerky treats for dogs. She was furious when the FDA finally started looking at the products, in conjunction with a “nutritional analysis” rather than any suspect ingredients.

The Diamond recall at first appeared confined to just dry dog food but Costco has added two kinds of Kirkland dry cat food to the list today (May 5). Dog Food Advisor has a list of recalled foods going back to 2009. There’s some additional interesting about salmonella information here.

Diamond’s recall notices are part of a pattern, labeled as dump-and-run by Honest Dog’s Christie Keith. That means the press releases are issued on Friday at the close of business in the hope that they will fly under the media’s radar. No such luck. Pet advocates have been on the alert based on reports going back at least to the beginning of April, and now they’re fighting mad.

Raw food is loaded with warnings: Wash your hands, don’t handle of your immune system is compromised, keep away from children, wash dishes and utensils in hot water. However, those warning don’t seem to extend to plain ole everyday dry food that’s dumped in your pet’s bowl. Ironically it’s the conventionally fed stuff that’s once again under fire. The excuses for not switching your pet to a more species-appropriate diet are fading fast.


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2 Responses to Pet Food Recall Redux

  1. Rayya says:

    Great post. It is interesting how raw food diet is bombarded with so much bad press. I hope this post spreads awareness about dry food.

    • Hi Rayya,
      It’s nice to have a vote of confidence from a veterinarian. Many vets still see a raw diet as a big non-no. My cats have been on a raw diet for more than a dozen years and salmonella has never been an issue. Today there are so many resources to help pet owners make the transition.

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