Let’s celebrate cats 12 months a year

Coming in late on Adopt-A-Cat month. Some times you have to choose the paying gigs over the non-paying, even if they are self-promotional.

So what more can be said?

Not much, except: Just Do It.

I’ve been writing an Adopt-A-Cat/Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat column for more than 10 years, starting with a tribute to our black and white Rainbow Bridge girl, Hemmie, who showed up on our deck at the start of Adopt-A-Cat month in 1999.

Mollie was a shelter kitty.

We adopted Mollie from the East Haven shelter a little less than two years ago and we calculated she was born in June, which makes

Peanut is at the East Haven (CT) Animal Shelter.

her doubly qualified for Adopt-A-Cat status. The shelter has just posted the photo of this adorable little guy, Peanut, who was left at

the shelter without his mom or littermates.

Sometimes a kitty chooses you, other times you choose him or her.

Handsome Rocky was at the Branford Compassion Club and was recently adopted

One of my favorite organizations, the Branford Compassion Club, held a kitten shower earlier this month. The place was packed was people cuddling the kittens and playing with the older cats;  22 kittens and four adults are now enjoying their furr-ever homes. A table was piled high with much-needed donations. BCC has only been in their new facility for a few months, but their events always draw a big crowd. They’re also open to the public every Saturday and a steady stream of people shows up to cuddle and care for the cats and kittens — and choose one or two as their next kitty soulmate.

If you’re lucky enough to be adopting a kitty this month the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has some great tips for making a smooth adjustment into your household.

You can also download a free ASPCA Desktop Screenmate. Mine is named Melissa (after a friend who sent me the link) and she occupies a small spot at the bottom of my computer where she sleeps, eats and plays.

The CATalyst Council is devoted to changing the image of cats as being aloof and not needing human

No doubt that he'll find a home!

attention or care. The web site is chock full of great information and the “Fun, Facts and Resources” page has many helpful links, including the brochure, CATegorical Cat Care: A Cat Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion and a children’s coloring book, Connecting With Cats.

There’s no shortage of beautiful cats looking for loving homes. We take out one month to celebrate them, but any cat lover will tell you that we celebrate them 12 months a year.


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Sally Bahner is an expert in all aspects of cat care: Writer, consultant, speaker, instructor.

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