Miss Mollie settles in

Molly enjoys a prime snoozing spot.

Mollie finally joined us the end of September. It has been practically a seamless transition.

We figured it would be relatively smooth since Dusty, Pulitzer and Tekla were all part of a multi-cat family, and Mollie had exposure to all types of cats at the shelter. Of course there was the initial wary curiosity, but early on she learned to defer to the older guys. Of course there was the exploring and hiding. We kept her in the playroom for a short while, and thereafter the house was hers. Other than a few hisses, the process was incredibly smooth.

From the beginning, Mollie has been a sweet little cat. She purrs immediately when picked up or talked to, plays well with others, diligently uses her litter box and the scratchers, and communicates in sweet little chirps. Her best friend and wrestling bud is Pully (who has displayed an amazing amount of patience) although she and Tekla play chase and Dusty accommodates her antics. Her favorite activities are checking out the refrigerator when it’s open, tipping over trash cans and dashing through any door that’s being opened.

How could something so small have so much curiosity, intelligence and grace?

Kittens don’t stay kittens for long. Mollie is growing right before our eyes. She’s constantly looking for new places to explore, the higher, the better.

It occurred to me that a barometer of a successful introduction is seeing your original cats maintain their loving routines. Dusty hops up on the nightstand and smacks his lips, wanting to crawl under the covers with me. Tekla, too, scrambles under the covers, way down in the middle of the bed. And she lies on my arm, which rests on the desk as I type. Everyone eats heartily and no one seems to feel displaced.

Mollie has quickly become part of the family and even more quickly, she has stolen our hearts.


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Sally Bahner is an expert in all aspects of cat care: Writer, consultant, speaker, instructor.

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